When are your cars available?

Cars are available everyday, you can check the calendar for availability. Also keep in mind during the holidays cars are in high demand, please book early for your reservation.

Where are your cars located? Delivery available?

Cars are located in Boca Raton. Delivery is available as well. We can deliver to Miami Airport, Ft Lauderdale Airport, or Palm Beach Airport. Smaller airports as well just let us know the location. Also we can even deliver to the address of your choice like your home or your hotel. Miami Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach County. Tips are appreciated for my drivers!

Is Sunpass included?

Yes Sunpass highway tolls are included. We will charge you after your trip. If you do not want to be charged for tolls please do not go in the Sunpass Express Lanes.

Which type of gas to put in the car?

We have many cars and each has it's own required type of gas. For the Toyota minimum is 87 grade gas. For a luxury car like a Mercedes it is 93 premium gas. Please make sure you put in the right gas for the car!

How do I return the car?

You can drop it off at our Boca Raton location or we will come pick it up per your delivery instructions. Please make sure the gas is full and the car is clean inside/out. If not we will charge you for the gas that was used and for cleaning the car inside/out. You can also pay ahead of time the gas fill up and the cleaning cost. This way we will handle it for you after your trip hassle free.

What if I have questions on the car during my trip?

Please feel free to ask any questions on the car before or even during your trip. We will gladly answer all questions!

Do you have electric vehicles?

Yes we do! Standard electric vehicles like Tesla. Also Luxury electric vehicles like Porsche.